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Are you responsible for the marketing of a family-friendly destination or travel company? Do you need to raise attention for a product? Are you looking for new ways to reach active families? Do you want to work with bloggers, but you can’t find exactly the right one? In that case, FamilyTravelBloggers.nl is the right partner. We are a collective of Dutch familytravelbloggers. You can find a comprehensive list of familytravel and momblog on our bloggers-page.But only the ones with a logo are blogs that have been verified by Familytravelbloggers. These are trustworthy blogs that we recommend working with.

Which destination for which blogger?

For FamilyTravelBloggers.nl, it is important that there is a match between destination and the blogger. One family never sees a camping ground, where another family isn’t going anywhere else. One blogger may cross the globe, another blogger may focus on a specific region. It is a win-win situation when a destination and blogger truly match. The blogger can share experiences with authentic enthusiasm with followers that have chosen for that blogger because of those stories. They let their next holiday destination be influenced by that particular blog.

Working with FamilyTravelBloggers.nl

Contact the blogger that fits your destination or product the most and make individual arrangements. We can also advice you on choosing the right blogger.

A cooperation or campaign can comprise of several products, such as blogs, advertorials, banners and engaging followers on social media.

Contact? Send an email to Tikva and Saskia, info@familytravelbloggers.nl